Passion to Create Solar for All


Our Mission:

Imagine a warm Summer breeze in the mountains with only the sound of the rustling leaves in the background. You enjoy your time basking in the glow of the sun knowing that clean, reliable energy is at an arm’s reach.  Our Passion is Solar power and sharing knowledge with as many people as we can.  You deserve the ability to use solar power in a way that best suits your needs.  That is why we do what we do.  

Solar power doesn't need to be constrained to just your home anymore. Our goal is to inspire those who believe in Solar to go out and create. Let us show you how to use it in budget-friendly, practical and innovative new ways.  "Everything you need, nothing you don't". That's our motto.  The end result is beautiful: Pure, Abundant, Renewable Energy.  

 About Us:

We have been researching solar innovations for nearly a decade bringing you the most up-to-date information and technologies. Our business merges the DIY mentality with our professional experience to empower the off-grid thinker, You. What can clean, abundant, free-falling solar energy do for you?


"Everything you need. Nothing you Don't" - Solar Unplugged

"Everything you need. Nothing you Don't" - Solar Unplugged

Reliable. Mobile. Sustainable.